Pre Procedure Information

My goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience. Naturally, I place my emphasis on producing a pleasing result for you and you alone. Of equal importance is treating you with the highest standard of client care and excellence in all aspects of the procedure process. I am bringing years of experience, the highest level of training and the most state of the art equipment to your procedure(s).

In that spirit, and in order to ensure that every client has adequate time to have their individual needs addressed, I have instituted certain policies and pre-procedure requirements. For your health and welfare and to ensure a successful outcome with your new permanent makeup, please read the following :

Pregnancy: currently there is no conclusive data that indicates one way or the other if permanent cosmetics are safe while pregnant. I do not endorse pregnant women having permanent makeup applied. If you are breast feeding permanent cosmetics are fine.

Lips: If you are having a lip procedure performed and have ever had a cold sore or "fever blister" (herpes simplex) you will need to be on prescription medication to prevent an outbreak in response to the "trauma" to the lip tissue. This can be obtained by calling your doctor or your dentist. Begin the medication the day before your procedure. Prepare ahead of time as I cannot make exceptions to this rule. Yes, you could lie on your pre-procedure consent form about never having had an outbreak before and go through with the procedure without being on an anti-viral med but I can assure you that you will not be happy in the long run if you decide to go that route.

Eyeliner clients: If you are an insulin dependant diabetic, or have glaucoma and use prescription eye drops for this condition, or have any other serious medical condition that you are being treated for, you must inform me in advance of this condition. It may be fine to proceed with your appointment but sometimes I may require a release from your treating physician. Eyebrow clients: If you are using Retin-A or other retinoid based skin products, you must must also discontinue these products for 10 days prior to your procedure.

If you are having your eyebrows done please do not tint or wax them within 48 hours of your appointment. If you have a tendency to swell and are having your lips or eyeliner done, you may take a Benedryl or another over-the-counter antihistamine 1-2 hours before your appointment.

Feel free to arrive with your makeup on if you would like me to see how you customarily wear your daytime makeup. You may also bring any photographic examples, makeup colors, etc., to use in the selection process.

Your permanent makeup will look much darker, the lines much “thicker”, and overall a bit more dramatic for the first 3-7 days following your procedure. This is very normal and very temporary. You will probably call me at this point and ask if this is normal. Yes this is normal.

Your permanent makeup may also fade more than you expected after your procedure. You may wonder if this is normal. I would not classify it as “normal” per se, but it can and does happen. Remember that permanent makeup is an additive process, requiring two and sometimes even three sessions to perfect.

I may provide you with healing ointment to apply for 3-7 days after your procedure. Please plan your procedure to ensure enough time to heal and feel comfortable with your appearance. Usually around 1-2 days is adequate for all procedures. In order to prevent an infection, you should not wear mascara for 7 days if you are having your eyeliner done. If you absolutely must wear it, please buy a brand new tube (to prevent unwanted infection).

When you make your appointment you are reserving the highest quality technician and facility possible. I do not overbook or doublebook, you will have a personal appointment just for you. In order to provide this attention to each and every one of my clients, clear communication regarding any change to your exclusive appointment time is vital.

In some instances, I may require a credit card deposit for reserved appointments. The card will not be charged until the day of your appointment, and you may pay by your preferred method on that day. I do require a 24 hour cancellation or rescheduling notice. If you change the appointment with less than 24 hours notice a $50 late rescheduling fee applies. There is a fee of 50% of the procedure costs for "no-show" appointments for new procedures. For touch-ups or refresher appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice, the late reschedule fee is $25 and a no-show fee is $50.00.

I schedule one client at a time in order to give everyone adequate opportunity to have the best outcome. This will include a thorough consultation, designing of the areas to be tattooed and time for the application of the topical anesthetic. I pay special attention to the smallest details and want the opportunity to give you the highest level of beautiful and natural looking permanent makeup.

I look forward to seeing you at your appointment.

Erik Berntsen, CPCP.